Vein Surgery

Ambulatory Microphlebectomy

This procedure is used to treat veins that are too large for sclerotherapy and/or to obtain a better cosmetic outcome. It involves vein removal through micro-incisions that will leave no scar. The whole treatment is done under local anaesthesia. There is no post operative pain. The patient can resume a normal life immediately afterwards. In some cases, this technique is used in conjunction with sclerotherapy.

Vein Removal

Some type of varicose veins are not suitable for Endovenous Laser Treatment or endovenous ablation. For these patients, surgery is still the best option to obtain the best and most durable results.


Immediately before the operation, according to the results of the initial venous mapping, the surgeon Dr. Dhobb will mark the veins on the leg using ultrasound guidance. Dr. Dhobb performs this operation with a special technique.


Using a minimally invasive approach, Dr. Dhobb is able to complete the whole procedure under local anaesthesiae. The large diseased vein is removed using a technique that avoids any injury to the surrounding tissues. The peripheral varicose veins are treated by microphlebectomy during the same session. The procedure is performed in our surgicenter in Spain on premise which avoids the exposure of hospital environment with the patient enjoying a full breakfast and not requiring an intravenous or any systemic anesthesia. It is a painless procedure and patients are allowed to walk and leave the clinic 2 hours after completion of the treatment.


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