Fillers & Neuromodulator

Dermal Fillers

We have an extensive experience in filler injections in all areas of the face to restore a natural fresh aspect making you look younger without the “sad tired or angry look” that skin / volume modifications can give over the years. We use a wide range of top quality fillers to safely provide you with the best results. The injections are usually done with micro canulas (Blunt tip needles) that allow a painless and more even distribution of the product with a very low incidence of bruising. We use a specific type of filler to improve dramatically the tear trough aspect, erasing the circle around the eye and giving a nice natural look. Patients can return to their normal activity right afterwards.

Juvéderm™ Filler

Restylane™ / Perlane™ Filler

Teosyal™ Filler

We use these types of fillers as well as other major brands according to the location / type of effect that we want to achieve. We also use the mesotherapy line of this swiss laboratory, the Redensity° I and II which has a great effect in improving the quality of the skin and giving a great shine.


We use widely Belotero® Soft and Basic when injecting superficial lines. These products have the property of being safe when injected in the upper layer of the skin without giving the Tyndall effect ( Bluish aspect) that other hyaluronic acid can induce.

Facial Rejuvenation

As mentioned in the previous chapters, we can provide our patients with a very wide range of treatment types in order to address all the aspects of beauty enhancement keeping a fresh natural look. We can treat the skin condition and erase thin lines with creams, lights, lasers, peels, mesotherapy and medications if needed. The volume restoration can be achieved in a natural harmonious way by gentle injection of the adequate type of fillers in the desired area. Neuromodulator is used to give a relaxed look to the forehead, eyebrows and crows feet areas.

We never start any procedure without giving clear and complete explanation to the patient and always look for their complete agreement before performing the treatment.

Hand Rejuvenation

We address every component of hand rejuvenation:
Plumping the dorsum of the hand with fillers to restore a youthful profile. Treating the age spots with IPL or Lasers and, if necessary, removing or injecting the large veins that give an unsightly look.

Non-Surgical Facelift

This procedure is done in using various types of treatments:
Neuromodulator in targeted areas, filler injections with microcanulas, at various depths and locations in order to achieve a nice and natural rejuvenation of the whole face.

Non-Surgical Nose Job

Hyaluronic filler injection can achieve a nice, minimally invasive rhinoplasty, correcting easily defects in the nose aspect.

Excessive Sweating Treatment

Neuromodulator is used to treat excessive sweating in hands, feet and in the axillas..


We use various types of neuromodulators including Dysport, Vistabel, Boccouture, Azzalure..



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