Pigmentation and Age Spots Treatment

Age Spots Treatment

We have various means of treatment according to the size, depth, location and number of spots. Having 3 complete Laser / IPL platforms, we use the most appropriate treatment among various types of Intense Pulsed Lights (IPL) or lasers to treat those spots. Peelings can be indicated alone or in association with the light devices treatments to complete the treatment.

Chemical Peel

Light Chemical Peel. Used for uneven tone, dull skin aspect and age spots, it is a light procedure allowing the patient to resume a normal social life right afterwards.

Hand Rejuvenation

We address every component of hand rejuvenation:
Plumping the dorsum of the hand with fillers to restore a youthful profile. Treating the age spots with IPL or Lasers and, if necessary, removing or injecting the large veins that give an unsightly look.

Skin Peel

Skin peels are keeping a good place in rejuvenation procedures. They allow a global enhancement of the skin tone, making it look more even, erasing the small sun and age spots and giving a shiny healthy aspect. We use light to medium peels, adequately selected to treat hyper pigmentation, dull tone skin and aging skin signs. Only professional high quality products are used for this type of treatments.



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