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It’s About More Than Appearance. It’s About Your Health.

Concerning legs or facial veins, our Clinic is a state of the art treatment centre for the management of varicose veins, spider veins, facial veins and deep venous thrombosis, offering unrivalled expertise and providing safe and affordable treatments. Our Board certified surgeon treats both patients who suffer from cosmetic concerns about veins on their face or legs and patient who suffer from symptomatic venous insufficiency. We provide the most complete range of venous explorations and treatments available using the latest technology. We guarantee that every treatment we deliver has been fully approved by international health federations.

The Art Of Beauty Enhancement Is Keeping A Natural Look.

On top of vein treatment and vascular surgery,we dedicate ourselves to global beauty and well being enhancement favouring the “natural look” using minimally invasive techniques .


We have the most modern and complete platform treatment including the Endymed Pro 3Deep Radio Frequency, a world’s top device for skin lifting and tightening as well as Fractional Radio Frequency for skin resurfacing. An other top range device is the Alma Laser Harmony platform including Pixel Erbium Laser, 3 different Intense Pulse light (IPL) devices allowing skin rejuvenation,pigmentation spots treatment, rosacea treatment and hair removal. Two additional Lasers are available, one for thread vein treatment and the other for endovenous laser treatment of large varicose veins.


Concerning facial treatments, according to the indication and the patient’s preference, we can use volume restoration, treatment for lines and wrinkles, top range fillers, laser and lights, mesotherapy and/or soft peelings to achieve the best result with a natural aspect.



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