Skin Resurfacing

Pixel Erbium Laser

For skin resurfacing we use mostly the Pixel Erbium Laser that achieve results on thin lines, peri oral and peri ocular lines. It is a painless treatment that requires no / or minimal downtime when compared to other laser treatments.

Laser Skin Resurfacing

As mentioned in the previous chapters, we have various devices for skin resurfacing which are enabling us to face all skin conditions. We use mainly the Pixel Erbium Laser which is an excellent tool to treat the aging skin, erasing the thin lines, giving a global skin rejuvenation with a healthy shiny aspect. Lines around the eyes and around the lips are greatly improved by this treatment.

We have also the ultimate tool in skin resurfacing and rejuvenation:

The Fractional Radio Frequency.

This device is allowing complete treatment of the face and neck, providing patients with excellent and durable results in terms of skin improvement, skin tightening and lifting effect. We have been using this device on other parts of the body as knees, thighs and arms with very good results. STRIAE are responding quite well to this type of treatment.



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