IPL Photofacial or Light based therapy

Having 3 complete IPL platforms, we use the most appropriate treatment among various types of Intense Pulsed Lights (IPL).

Age Spots Treatment

We have various means of treatment according to the size, depth, location and number of spots. Peelings can be indicated alone or in association with the light devices treatments to complete the treatment.

Beautician Consultation

Improving the aspect of the skin is paramount to obtain the best results in beauty enhancement. We always do a careful analysis of the skin before starting any procedure and we can provide our patients with a very extensive range of treatments to make their skin look great. This caninclude prescription topical products, light peels, dermoabrasion, IPL etc.

Decolletage Rejuvenation

Radio frequency, fractional radio frequency and mesotherapy are excellent treatment methods to treat the damaged skin in this area. IPL is also used to remove brown spots and thin capillaries.

Hand Rejuvenation

We address every component of hand rejuvenation:
Plumping the dorsum of the hand with fillers to restore a youthful profile. Treating the age spots with IPL or Lasers and, if necessary, removing or injecting the large veins that give an unsightly look.

IPL Hair Removal

We can provide efficient and painless hair removal using AFT technology that enhances the IPL effect.

IPL Skin Rejuvenation

We use different IPL probes for skin improvement, spot removal and capillaries treatment to obtain a rejuvenated skin with an even and bright tone.

Pigmentation Treatment

We use either Laser or 2 types of IPL according to the aspect of the pigmented lesion in order to achieve optimal results.

Rosacea Treatment

We have a global approach in treating rosacea, using prescription medicine and Laser and IPL treatment.



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