Non Surgical Physician Administered Aesthetic Treatments

The renowned Marbella Vein Clinic is now offering non-surgical, physician-administered aesthetic treatments which can improve the appearance of frown lines, sunken cheeks, uneven lips, tired eyes and even acne scars.


Having treated thousands of patients with vascular problems, improving their comfort as well as the aesthetic concern in their legs, hands and face, it became obvious that a more complete approach could increase the satisfaction of our patients. I opted to add non invasive cosmetic treatments to the list of services that our clinic offers, as it proceeds with the concept of global approach to well being and beauty enhancement. The tremendous development of non invasive methods for aesthetic improvement now allows us to obtain very good results in a very short time, think “lunch time procedures”. I have extensive experience in injection treatment and being a board certified surgeon and former professor of anatomy, I have a very good knowledge of the anatomy, so I decided a few years ago, to learn, train and develop the field of fillers and Neuromodulator injections in my practice and complete a Master in aesthetic medicine.


Provide Patients With The Best

We can provide patients with the best methods of minimally invasive treatments that are used for beauty enhancement and skin improvement. First, Neuromodulator is used to treat “dynamic” wrinkles.


When talking about filler products, there are numerous products available in Europe with different effects. In our clinic, safety is our first concern and, for this reason, we are using only pure hyaluronic acid which is a natural component of our body. We use mainly three brands : Restylane°, Teosyal°,a Swiss product, and Juvederm°. These so called ‘Neuromodulator Parties’ do worry me, as there are strict rules with aesthetic procedures and a knowledge of the anatomy is paramount. They may be cheaper but it comes at a high price.


Unnatural “Plastic Look”

We all have seen the results of those extreme aesthetic procedures giving the unnatural “plastic look” that was popular in the USA and this should certainly be avoided. I feel that this type of procedure should be soft and adapted to the patient morphology, enhancing it elegantly to obtain the most natural look.


Different Tools and Products

We have different tools and products for beauty enhancement. We always start by a careful and complete analysis of the patient morphology and skin condition, assessing the needs, indication and limits of the procedure. We are convinced that when concerning neuromodulator and fillers injections, less is more and, ideally, the changes after treatment should bring an overall improvement and freshness, making the patient look younger without being obviously noticeable.


Youthful Hands

My work really does complement each other. For example one of the first areas to show signs of ageing is the hands. You only have to look at the media uproar over Madonna when she was photographed with veiny, hollow hands. I wasn’t surprised to see a few months later when she appeared with smooth, youthful hands. It was the only thing that was giving away her age. Depending on what is needed we can treat the hand area in three stages. Firstly the removing of any venous concerns. Next we fill out any areas where there is a loss of tissue, to achieve a plumping effect. Finally any age spots can be treated with cryotherapy. The latter combination can also achieve great results on the décolleté area, where excessive sunbathing leads to a crepey effect.


Asymmetrical Lips

One of my favourite cases so far has been a young lady, in her early 3O’s who came to me enquiring about treatment for asymmetrical lips. This problem was affecting her confidence. After an initial assessment, I opted for a small amount of filler to even out the lips. A week later she came back and said that she felt more positive about herself. That is the best result that you could ask for.


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